The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, September 13, 2004
Null and Void Edition

This will probably be the shortest Wrapup in TUL history since I didn't make any plans for the weekend whatsoever. Apathy seemed to have worked better in the college days where one could just easily do something on the spot without thinking twice.

JJ -"Hey Brett, you want to go the bar?"

Brett - "But JJ, it's Wednesday"

JJ - "Yeah, so?"

Brett - "Touché. Let's go"

Now in the life of a twenty something, it seems making plans would not only be the more responsible thing to do, but it would've also prevented me from being stuck at my apartment watching The Royal Tenenbaums for the fifth on time FX. I think I was developing those headaches Zach Braff's character was experiencing in Garden State due to the lack of surroundings.

Friday night I somehow ended up passing out on the couch after watching the thrilling Miami/Florida State game that had me rooting for both teams to lose since they're now both ACC foes. I finally got to see that Under Armour commercial featuring Friedgen and the Terps that everyone's been talking about, and I have to admit, it's a great TV ad. Saturday I spent most of the day relaxing and checking out the community I'll be living in for another 4 weeks till the more anticipated move in Bethesda. Don't get me wrong, Rockville is great, but I loathe I-270. Since I hit peak traffic both ways, it makes for a very unpleasant ride to work.

Sunday I got to watch the Giants lose horribly to the Eagles in the season opener. I already get enough shit for being a Mets fan, but it'd be nice to see one of my teams have a winning record this year. Sorry you had to read this fairly disappointing Wrapup, but all that filler you just read must've made up for some of it, right? Right?!

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