The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Planes, Trains, and Ted Leo

Was yesterday's post not good enough for you? Were you salivating for more concert dates that supposedly haven't been officially announced yet? Well, The Upstate Life will hopefully stop that excessive drool pouring onto your soon to be replaced keyboard as it's been discovered that DC faves Ted Leo and the Pharmacists will be performing back to back shows at Black Cat on December 1st and 2nd. According to Mr. Leo's website, tickets will be $10, though it is unclear when they will officially go on sale.

One concert TUL will regretfully miss will be The Thrills this Saturday at Black Cat. They're currently touring in support of their latest album, Let's Bottle Bohemia, which was released yesterday. I'll be out of town for the holiday, using every mode of transportation employed in the title of that John Candy movie between now and Sunday. I'll be flying home later tonight, only to drive with the family down to Long Island the following morning. While the rents are slated to head back up to Albany on Friday, I'm electing to stay an extra night in order to hit up NYC again for some fun times. On Saturday, I'll then be taking the Amtrak from the city back to the upstate in order to make my flight the next morning back to BWI. How's that for an itinerary?

You're probably saying to yourself, "Wow, what a dummy. Why did you even bother to go to Albany if you're barely going to be there?" Good question, ass. Basically, I scheduled the Southwest flight way back in June when I thought we were having dinner and what not at our house and not near the city. Due to my early planning, I was able to reserve a roundtrip flight for the amazing price of... wait for it... $86! Did I mention I heart Southwest? And since my family was going to leave the morning after I arrive, it worked out rather nicely. I did run an Orbitz check for flights from BWI to NYC out of curiosity (not that I would actually fly between those two cities), and the best fare I found was from US Airways for $433. Um yeah, no wonder they're declaring bankruptcy (again).

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