The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Four More Days till Bethesda Edition

I would've done the Wrapup on Monday as expected, however, this is DC. Therefore the majority of people had the day off, including TUL, but I opted to go in anyways for some hot overtime pay. Only problem was that I didn't get out till 10pm, but I accumulated about nine hours of OT, so I'm def not complaining.

My friend JC who's from my hometown but now resides in NYC came down on Friday since her brother goes to Maryland as it was family weekend at good ol' College Park. Other Shen alum's joined the DC outing Friday night as BD and SS came up from Arlington to hit up DuPont Circle for the night. I either wish a) Adams Morgan was more Metro accessible or b) I actually lived in Adams Morgan as it would be easier to get to since there's more of an offering in that area. DuPont wasn't too bad though, saves the hassle of trying to haggle with taxi cabs and their damn zoning rates. We went to Front Page for a few drinks then finished out the night at Lucky Bar. I usually have a decent time at the latter, but there were a couple of instances where random people were just basically pissing me off that night. One example was this one dude who was completely wasted, dancing with a bunch of annoying girls that proceeded to individually bump into every single one of my friends with his flailing arms and unbalanced choreography. We then moved over to the other side of the room in front of a table to avoid anymore random contact with asshole #1. Asshole #2 made his debut later that night as he was sitting at the table we were standing in front of, and instead of saying "excuse me" or politely asking me to move (correction: saying anything) to get back to his seat, the dude proceeds to rather simply push me out of the way. Unfortunately for him, he had to employ both his arms since there was a combination of me planting my feet and refusing to relocate, plus the fact it was already really crowded at the bar and hard to move anyways. Being 6'2" definitely has its advantages and you could say it paid off here. It wouldn't have bothered me that much had I been drinking, but I was the driver that night and probably one of the very few sober people in the building, so you could understand the frustration.

The next night proved to be better as it was relatively devoid of assholes that were prevalent the evening before. I was actually going to stay in and law low, but a few people from work that live in downtown Bethesda gave me a ring to come out to the bar. Speaking of Bethesda, I'll finally be moving there at the end of this week! We went to, surprise surprise, Tommy Joe's where I, surprise surprise, ran into more random Maryland heads. Definitely had a fun time, but the disposable income factor made a serious impact on those alcoholic, non-tangible goods. I crashed at my friend's townhouse which is virtually a block from the metro yet only pays $1500 for a 2 bedroom. Granted the building is somewhat old, but the location is great and even gets off-street residential parking. All I know is that the garage for my building is apparently going to cost me $85 a month. That's certainly a huge jump from what I'm presently paying, which is, umm... nothing.

Sunday I had the pleasure to watch the Giants destroy the Cowboys. Honestly, I had low expectations for the G-Men going into this season, but man, I would've have never thought we're going into Week 6 and they're at 4 and 1. I won't even go into the Redskins, just not worth it. Afterwards, I went over to the Verizon store and bought myself a new cell phone. Yeah yeah, I already know I got a new one in July, but I sold it to my roommate since his suffered water damage and bought this one instead. Not only does it take pics and video, but it's also capable of MP3 ringers. I already have it set that whenever someone calls, "Slow Hands" by Interpol goes off. I even think it dials numbers and makes phone calls too... haven't tried that yet.

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