The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, December 15, 2004
iPod Envy

Admit it, if you don't have an iPod by now you're more out of the loop than Gob trying to run the Bluth company (sorry for the reference, but TUL has been watching Arrested Development Season 1 on DVD non-stop lately). Anyways, iPodlounge came across an interesting piece of news regarding the next generation of Apple's MP3 player:

Toshiba today announced an 80GB version of its 1.8-inch hard drive that should eventually find its way into Apple's iPod range. The company, which makes the drives found in current iPods, said the 80GB units would ship in the third quarter of 2005. "The Japanese manufacturer didn't mention any customers by name of course, but having supplied Apple with micro hard drives to date, it seems likely the relationship will continue with the new, higher capacity," reports The Register. A thinner and lighter version of the company's 1.8" 40GB hard disk has also been introduced, and is likely to find its way into digital music players.

80GB??? The Upstate Life is more than content with his 20GB model, albeit he wishes that every piece of dust it encounters wouldn't scratch the bloody hell out of it. Still though, an 80 gig model is more outrageous than the fact that Seth Cohen's new fly honey is only 20 years old in real life!

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