The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, February 07, 2005
Excessive Sodium Intake Edition

The Upstate Life had the day off on Friday and decided, after several years hiatus, to makes his triumphant return to the slopes and ski the day away. We were supposed to go to Whitetail, but after driving on Route 15 in Pennsylvania for what seemed to be questionably longer than expected, we stopped at a shady gas station/cigarette outlet to ask how far we were from our supposed destination. The near-toothless clerk was dumbfounded and then asked, "You mean Roundtop?" This yielded a perplexed reaction from us as it appeared we had missed the exit at least about 45 minutes back. Since it was rather pointless to backtrack and kill time to find Whitetail, we unanimously agreed Roundtop would be more than a sufficient choice since it was just approximately five more miles down the road.

We arrived a little before noon and were greeted with virtually no lines whatsoever at the ticket counter. This trend continued once we were at the lifts as well which was a nice surprise. The Upstate Life must have done at least twenty runs during our six hour stay as the only time we practically had to wait in line was in the early evening (and even that was less than a two minute delay). The conditions weren't that bad either as it was mostly in the 30s and 40s the entire day with lightly granulated snow on the trails. Highlight of the day was going down a double diamond trail, aptly called "The Ramrod" of all things, and amazingly making it down in one piece. Originally, R and I were both going to ski down this challenging path, but as soon as TUL took a nice spill, R backed off and watched me struggle to reattach my ski back to my binding while my other leg continued to slide down the mountain due to its ridiculous steepness. After I finally regained control, TUL took one more bite into the snow before ultimately finishing one of the most difficult trails I've skied on in quite some time.

Saturday I went over to Park Bench Pub in Cleveland Park to cheer on the Terps for what turned out to be another disappointing game, in one week no less. If you didn't hear about it already, Maryland lost to ACC scrubber Miami in an overtime thriller. Unfortunately, Terp standout Nik Caner-Medley was robbed when his tie-breaking lay-up didn't count since the refs called a highly dubious charging penalty on him. As a result, the game was still tied and Miami was able to sink a pair of free throws with 0.8 seconds left and win despite the incredible Terrapin fan base present in the arena that day. The Upstate Life recommends the Chili Nachos the next time you're at Park Bench as they'll definitely ease the pain after watching your time suffer another crushing defeat.

Saturday night TUL attended a going away party for R's friend who's moving from DC to, appropriately, Upstate New York. She'll be relocating to Syracuse, so The Upstate Life wishes her well and hopes she knows how to drive in the snow (after buying a car) as there will be plenty of it up there right about now. After the party, we headed over to Adams Morgan to Chief Ike's Mambo Room around 1am until last call. TUL was still exhausted from a day's worth of skiing on Friday and wasn't the liveliest of the bunch despite Lil Jon's "What U Gon' Do" blaring out of the loudspeakers.

Sunday was the Super Bowl and TUL had to make his presence known at several parties throughout the area. After going to one in Alexandria, we went over to C's place back in Bethesda to watch the game the way it should be viewed, on a 50 inch LCD HDTV. Speaking of which, 24 is also a lot more enjoyable when you're watching it on this set compared to my 27" TV at The Upstate Life's apartment. Navi Araz (Behrooz's father) just looks a lot more evil in high definition.

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