The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, March 08, 2005
Bubble Boy

I know yesterday's post was a little bit out of the normal spectrum of TUL topics (hell, I don't even own a U2 CD), but The Upstate Life was suffering from some sort of stomach bug that forced him to leave work early yesterday and stay home today, thus the haphazard posting (even though I had this bit of news out before DCist did "ahem, credit, ahem"). Nevertheless, something has been bothering The Upstate Life ever since Saturday afternoon. I'm sure you know what it is, but if you don't, it was the Terps crushing defeat to ACC newcomer Virginia Tech. This game was literally all or nothing as not only if we were to win we would've secured ourselves an at-large bid to the NCAA Tourney, but it also would've avoided having to play an extra round in the ACC Tournament later this week. Now that we've dropped to 7-9 in the conference, Maryland is scheduled to play Clemson in the opening round at noon on Thursday, a team we've disappointingly lost to not once but twice! But it only gets worse you see. If we were to advance, UNC, who happens to be the second top-ranked team in the nation, will be eagerly waiting for us come Friday. Unfortunately, TUL predicts that the only way for the Terps to claim a bid for this year's big dance is to make it to at least the semifinals of the ACC Tournament, which of course requires Maryland to defeat the Tar Heels (assuming if we win over Clemson, obvs). Seeing as how I have the day off Friday, I've been rampantly scouring eBay in hopes of obtaining tickets to Session 3 of the Tourney without breaking the bank, though attempts thus far have been futile as most prices, even for the cheap seats, will cost more than $100 each just for a session! Makes me wish I wasn't blowing all my money through my PayPal account on DVD box sets. This is all your fault Mr. Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Edition!

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