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The Upstate Life

Thursday, March 30, 2006
Google Earth in Cahoots with Lost?

After last night's amazing Lost episode, my younger brother, who is apparently more into the show than I originally thought, Google Earthed Henry Gale's address on his Minnesota driver's license and came across a company called American Telecare Incorporated. Their products and services description appears to be a little more than a coincidence IMHO:

American TeleCare offers proven technology and expertise in creating clinically-based solutions for a wide range of patient populations and telehealth organizations. Nearly a decade of experience has shown us the importance of simplicity and ease of use in telehealth technology and training. From linking clinics and patients on remote island communities to pioneering monitoring technology used by NASA space shuttle astronauts, American TeleCare products are designed for ease of use ? for patients and health care providers.

Even more interesting are the systems this company offers, specifically the Disease Management Monitoring Station:

American TeleCare's® Disease Management (DM) Monitoring Station improves outcomes through frequent symptom monitoring, patient education and positive reinforcement. Ongoing, easy to use monitoring technology leads to confident, independent and compliant patients with an improved quality of life.

What's most surprising about this discovery is that this appears to be a legitimate website, and therefore an actual business. Nowhere on the webpage could I find the usual Disney Privacy Policy link that's usually found in other Lost-related faux-sites. If this was fabricated by the Lost team, they did one hell of a job, either that or they must have hired a full-time Internet research assistant finding sites like these that drive fans like me talking about this crazy shit.

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