The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, May 08, 2006
Such Great Heights...

...of credit card spending, that is! Evidently my billing cycle convenient falls on the same month that I:

a) Buy Belle and Sebastian tickets
b) Stupidly buy another batch of aforementioned tickets
c) Renew season tickets for Maryland Football ($1100 for four, even though I'm only paying $275 of that, but still - it's on my statement)
d) Renew my Terrapin Club membership
e) And finally, go to Jiffy Lube (who apparently don't accept AAA discounts anymore but were still nice enough to give me one anyway)

So even though we're a solid 18 days away from our closing date, The Upstate Life has managed to accrue a balance of nearly $1500 on his Visa. Shit. Oh well, at least now we're only $200 shy from redeeming that $25 Best Buy gift card!

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