The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Windburnt and Sore

Well it was quite the sports weekend if I do say so myself. After gorging upon plate after plate at Matuba's sushi conveyor belt lunch buffet on Saturday, my brother and I watched the Maryland/UNC game at my apartment and were in utter disbelief. Not by how many rolls we consumed, but how at one point we were up by 11 against the #1 team in the country. Now that was a game. I'm just amazed that the same team who pulled out a win at the Dean Dome was the same one who lost to American at home just last month. Hell of a coaching job by Gary but they have to beat Duke this Sunday to gain any credibility from that upset. Still, no one saw it coming, even me.

Then there were the Giants. I'm not a big NFL guy by any means but the Giants have always been my team. My original prediction for their season was that they would be lucky to go 8-8. Now they're in the frickin Super Bowl??? I almost broke my coffee table after Tynes missed the second field goal, but then of course he goes ahead and drills a 47 yarder down the center. The G-Men gave the Packers a ton of chances, just like they gave Dallas, yet New York came out on top (10 straight road game victories!?). Giants vs. Patriots isn't as intriguing as Packers vs. Patriots, but screw it, I'll take it.

Yesterday I went skiing with Brian and Emory up at Liberty which was a lot of fun. I've never been to Liberty before but it's only about an hour away from the city and they had plenty of trails open. It was pretty crowded because of the holiday and all but the backside of the mountain was where we spent most of the time since it was less busy. I can't go without kvetching about the $29 pizza of course. I mean, come on, that's just ridiculous. I'm pretty sure that even a specialty pizza from Two Amy's has to cost less than this, but because they're the ski lodge and all, I guess they have all the power. Still, after suffering from a frozen face half the day because of the brutal wind chill, it was easily devoured. Oh and I think I'm just starting to feel my nose again. Seriously, my face was Tom Coughlin-like.

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