The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Poop jangling is useful for auditions for small parts in shitty movies like "Signs" by M. Night Shamylan

So I went to the Michael Showalter/Michael Ian Black show last night and it didn't exactly meet the high expectations I had going into it. Showalter's routine was essentially a carbon copy of the last time he was at Black Cat, which was funny stuff nonetheless, but I was expecting at least a little more new material. The sandwich bit, which was probably the funniest thing he performed the last time we saw him, unfortunately didn't make the cut this go-around. Black closed the show and most likely brought in more of the mainstream, sold-out audience due to his relentless TV exposure on programs such as I Love the 80s and those Sierra Mist commercials. His act was pretty decent but wasn't up to par with the likes of Eugene Mirman, Showalter's partner on the last tour. Of course, I was standing directly next to this drunken douche who kept yelling out "Celebrity Poker" which definitely drew the ire of Mr. Black (and I don't blame him even though he's consistently the best part of said program). Overall, I felt I got my money's worth and even had enough cash on me to buy tickets for the upcoming Tapes 'N Tapes show. That's right; TUL is big money walking the streets of DC with $24 in his pocket.

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