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The Upstate Life

Monday, April 30, 2007
TUL's Take: Dismemberment Plan @ Black Cat

This was one for the books, readers. The Upstate Life, despite having lived in the area since '99, was never introduced to the Plan until it was too late. By the time I heard Emergency & I, the group was already broken up by that point which left me to ponder what their live show would actually be like. That moment finally arrived last Saturday night at the Black Cat when The Dismemberment Plan reunited for back to back shows as a benefit for Callum Robbins. One of my friends wasn't able to make it at the last minute so I was able to sell his ticket outside the Black Cat to a fan who said she had flown from California for this show (why she didn't have tickets before then, I don't know). Anyway, she was nearly speechless when I sold it to her for face value. Look, I'm not some soulless asshole who's going to gauge a devoted fan for a frickin benefit show, let alone one for a reunion by one of the best bands to have ever come out of the District.

Anyway, at around 11:30pm, J. Robbins introduced the sold-out crowd to an evening that they would not soon forget. Robbins' emotional speech regarding the reason they were here tonight was deeply moving and clearly demonstrated how close-knit the DC music community was. Shortly after, Travis Morrison and Co. came onstage and instantly went into "Do the Standing Still" before immediately segueing to "What Do You Want me to Say?" As Catherine mentioned, for a band that hasn't performed live together in nearly three-four years, these dudes didn't miss a beat. My favorite moment of the night had to be when they played "The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich", mainly because of Morrison's wacky facial expressions while he rapidly spewed the song's lyrics. Of course, it was euphoric for me just to hear "The City" performed live since I'll probably never have that chance again anytime soon. Overall, it was a memorable evening capped off not by one but two encores. My only regret was waiting to buy a poster after the show versus before as they were unfortunately all gone by the time I reached the merch table at around 1am. I did however still make a contribution and got one of those gray Beat SMA wristbands they were handing out instead. My reluctance to buy merchandise until after the show bit me in the ass yet again. Setlist via 9:30 Forum:

Do the Standing Still
What Do You Want Me to Say?
Following Through
The Face of The Earth
The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich
Spider in the Snow
Time Bomb
The City
A Life of Possibilities
Pay for the Piano
Girl O'clock
You Are Invited
I Love a Magician
Back and Forth
Onward, Fat Girl
The Ice of Boston
Ellen and Ben
Ok, Joke's Over
The Other Side

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