The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, June 10, 2004
Aguilera Goes Up, Aguilera Goes Down

As each day passes we are uncertain of our future. Whether it is the economy, the war in Iraq, or even the weather, one will never quite know what tomorrow brings. Thank god for Christina Aguilera and her ongoing whoriness...we can all bank on that! Gothamist discovered this Virgin Mobile ad that features the stripper pop star basically getting it on with an office chair. Yes, it's an ad for a cell phone service. Who knew?

Christina Aguilera wants no airplay of this Virgin Mobile ad in the U.S. Perhaps she finds it too embarrassing. This crude exercise in sexvertising features Ms. Aguilera going through the motions of having intercourse with an office chair. What more can be said? This is surely a front-runner for the year's Most Tacky and Tasteless Ad Award.

It's already in the bag for the Men Who Wish They Were That Prop in an Ad Award.

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