The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, June 21, 2004
Best Weekend Ever Edition

This weekend would definitely rank up there in the highest realms of awesomeness. Just a non-stop, amazing couple of days capped off in incredible fashion by last night's Franz Ferdinand show (more on that later). Last week was a long one, so a bunch of us were planning to head out to Adams Morgan Friday night. We started pregaming at our place around 7, then headed to our friend's apartment in College Park before we would Metro over to DC. A few hours and a 30-pack later, it was around 11 and we still hadn't left yet. It would take about 40 minutes before finally arriving at Adams Morgan, which would leave us about an hour of bar hopping before the Capitol's venues would close their doors on us. Thus, we just walked down the street to Cornerstone instead. You know you've had a good night if you wake up the next morning on top of your bed with your clothes and shoes still on. I paid dearly for it the majority of Saturday unfortunately, going back to bed around 10am and not waking up till 3 in the afternoon. After I finally regained a sense of soberness, I checked out Old School 2 Dodgeball Saturday night. It was a pretty funny movie, just very formulaic. Basically replace the endangered frat house with a gym, throw in some physical humor, add a handlebar mustache to Ben Stiller, and there you have it. It also reminded me of (the far superior) Baseketball to an extent with all the stereotypical teams, but not nearly as hilarious as the Trey Parker/Matt Stone film (i.e. - The Miami Dealers haha).

I did some apartment hunting during the day Sunday in downtown Bethesda, but still haven't had much luck thus far. Besides the fact most of the leasing offices are closed on the weekends, the buildings that are within my price range currently don't have any open units. Still have until the end of August until I'm homeless, so I'm hoping I find something soon. That night was the much-awaited Franz Ferdinand show at 9:30, and what an amazing show it was. They were simply incredible live, bringing a ton of energy to the stage during the whole hour-plus long set. Before they went on, Matty from WHFS informed us that they were going to be filming the night's show for an upcoming live DVD, so that was an added plus. Their rendition of "Take Me Out" was one of the highlights, very disco-ish which really got the crowd moving. I pretty much danced to every song they played after that. Along with the entire LP and some tracks off the Darts of Pleasure EP, the band performed one new song entitled "Love and Destroy" that wasn't too bad. Overall, I can easily say it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. If you haven't seem them yet I strongly urge you to do so, you really won't be disappointed. It added to the experience to see them in such an intimate venue as I feel they will soon be playing at bigger places from now on sadly. I also don't think I'll be able to regain my voice until at least tomorrow.

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