The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, June 25, 2004
Down, But Not Out

Still suffering from Lollapalooza post-depression syndrome? Anxious you may never get to see your favorite indie bands for a summer season that's just starting? Well chill the fuck out, because it looks like at least a few of those groups that got the shaft after Farrell axed the tour will still go on tour, Lolla or not. According to Billboard, Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth, The Von Bondies, and String Cheese Incident will all be touring throughout the summer, though no DC area shows have been announced yet. Unfortunately, The Flaming Lips won't be one of the artists you'll see traveling the concert circuit as they've decided to hit the studio instead:

The Flaming Lips will spend the summer working on their new album as well as a movie. "With the cancellation of Lollapalooza 2004, we are reminded once again of the risk and uncertainty that accompanies any venture that is purposefully not mainstream," lead singer Wayne Coyne said on the band's official Web site. "Perhaps in a less concert heavy summer this collection of unconventional entertainers may have at least aroused some curiosity, but sometimes being different comes at a price."

Broken Social Scene, The Walkmen, and Morrissey's plans are still up in the air as they are uncertain what the summer holds for them right now. Then again, no one really knows what the fuck is up with Morrissey anyways.

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