The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Vines Cancel U.S. Tour, No One Really Seems to Mind

According to NME, it appears that The Vines have pulled out of their state-side tour in support of their latest album, Winning Days, after the band slightly disintegrated on-stage at a show in Australia only minutes within their first song of the set.

While an official press release issued this afternoon Sydney time says tonight's show at the Metro has been cancelled due to illness, fans at an invite only event for radio station Triple M at Sydney's Annandale Hotel claim Matthews walked offstage halfway through the first song and didn't return for the remainder of the hour-long set. One claimed: "They started playing but about a minute in Pat and Craig appeared to have an argument about something and Pat left the stage."

A couple of days later at another show, lead singer Craig Nicholls randomly kicked a photographer's camera during the concert, damaging her equipment and subsequently pissing off the radio station that hosted the event. In fact, the station now refuses to play any of the band's songs on the network anymore after the random "Sweet Camera Music Kick" incident. The program director of the Australian radio station had his own prediction of what was to become of Nicholls and his downward spiral:

Mike Fitzpatrick, Triple M's program director, told the paper: "Craig used to work at McDonald's and I won't be surprised if it all goes wrong and he ends up back there."

Oh man, could you even imagine going up to the counter and ordering an Extra Value Meal from this guy?

Brett - "Hi, I'll take a #2 please, no cheese"
Nicholls - "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Brett - "#2, No cheese"
Nicholls - "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Brett - "Nevermind"
Nicholls - "OUTTATHAWAY!"

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