The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, July 29, 2004
Almond Joy vs. Mounds Metro - Which Has Nuts Again?

As many of you know, DC has a bit of a problem with its crime rate. Look no further than why.i.hate.dc's fun little counter. Of course, we're all aware of that shitty Metro rule prohibiting any food or beverage within the station, denying riders the right to drink their Starbucks Grande Latte during the thrilling morning commute. Well, The Washington Post reports today that one woman defied authority, creating mass confusion and causing panic among the streets. After a warning from a Metro police officer, she was later handcuffed and brought to a holding cell in one of DC's police headquarters. What was this heinous crime, you ask? Finishing the last bite of a PayDay bar.

The police officer warned Willett to finish the candy before entering the station because eating or drinking in the Metro system is illegal.
Willett nodded, kept chewing the peanut-and-caramel bar and stuffed the last bit into her mouth before throwing the wrapper into the trash can near the station manager's kiosk, according to both Willett and Curry-Hagler.

Curry-Hagler turned around and followed Willett into the station. Moments after making a remark to the officer, Willett said, she was searched, handcuffed and arrested for chewing the last bite of her candy bar after she passed through the fare gates. She was released several hours later after paying a $10 fine, pending a hearing

"We've been doing our best to crack down on people who are consuming food and beverages in our stations because we get so many complaints about it," said Lisa Farbstein, a Metro spokeswoman. "In this instance, the woman was given a warning, which she ignored, and she jammed the rest of the candy bar into her mouth and continued to chew."

Despite the serious consequences that would've followed, it would've been funny as hell if she pulled a Green Mile and spat it back Moon Pie style. In the future, TUL recommends you floss before each Metro ride as enforcement of the illegal food and beverage rule will surely go up tenfold after this debacle.

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