The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, July 19, 2004
Crabs and Beer Edition

Friday night was our friend's going away party as he was leaving the ghettos of College Park and heading towards greener pastures in Texas for something, I don't know what. A somewhat memorable moment was from a dude on the balcony 2 floors above us that was also having a party, forewarning the people below that he was about to throw up and that they should watch out for his light beer rejections. One of the girls at our party was evidently not in the safety zone when she cried "I felt it on my foot." Pretty foul, but at the same time def amusing.

Saturday I headed over to Olney since my Upstate buddy Kevin and his family were in town for his uncle's 50th birthday. They were having a huge BBQ and crab fest, and I swear they must've had at least six bushels. There was a literally a guy bringing the next bushel in to the backyard on one of those ride-on mowers. Then there was this one dude we observed that was just sitting at a picnic bench, not talking to anyone, eating crab after crab. He easily consumed over 30 just by looking at the stack of pieces left on the newspaper in front of him. What made it even more hilarious was the fact we saw him later that afternoon standing in front of the bathroom door while clutching his stomach in pain. Don't overindulge on the crabs kids!

Saturday was also my friend Shaun's 24th birthday, who also happens to be a former Upstater that now resides in Ballston. After a brief pregaming stint, we taxied over to Clarendon Grill where they had some cover band called Tripp Fabulous playing all night. It was like a NOVA version of the Burners UK, complete with replicate guitar solos and lead singer swaggers, except the vocalist was a chick instead of a dude. We went outside to the back bar since it was a little more spacious and I could actually hear what people were saying to me rather than shouting "What?" a number of times over a cover of "Sweet Child O Mine". I bumped into one of my friends from college who I haven't seen since senior year and somehow music entered the conversation. She mentioned she can't wait to see the Polyphonic Spree at 9:30 Club which I thought was awesome. Turns out she's a big indie rock fan like TUL and became somewhat envious when I informed her that I was going up north for the Modest Mouse show. On another note, I really can't stand how the bars close so effin early in Arlington, like 2am. Last call is basically a half hour beforehand, which in essence is an hour later than one would go to the bars in College Park! We all came back to Shaun's apartment afterwards and proceeded to continue the bday festivities, despite the fact that all the beer they had in their fridge were Budweiser and Busch, possibly the two worst selections, ever.

Sunday started with the established Chipotle hangover remedy burrito. After that, I went over to the Verizon store and bought a new cell phone, camera and all. I felt it was time to replace my old once since it was breaking to the point where the LED would illuminate the huge crack inside. I've been having a hard time trying to find any good indie band ringtones, so if anyone out there in bloggerville knows where to get some, hook a brother up! Oh yeah, sorry to all four of you regarding the lack of a post Friday. A nap unfortunately took precedence over blogging that day.

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