The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, July 23, 2004
A Metro Mediation Moment

The questions were flooding into TUL's inbox yesterday to ridiculous amounts. And by ridiculous amounts, I mean non-existent messages. "Where was Thursday's post?" "Is Brett still alive?" "Dude, does anyone read this shit?" Well to answer your little inquiry, I was at work until midnight last night, so unfortunately I couldn't get around to posting anything substantial due to the fact I racked up a healthy 16 hours of labor Thursday. Would I be willing to make it up to you? Much to your rejoice, probably not. Instead, I've stumbled upon another piece of Craigslist gold. I've had my moments on the Metro, but I wish I was one of the fortunate passengers to grace this specific ride on the red line. Here's a little teaser for ya:

OK, so check this out, I took the red line from metro center to Shady Grove, It was delayed so TONS of people had to sardine into the trains. It was obviously standing room only and I managed to stand by the emergency doors at the end of the rail car giving me a good seat for what I was about to see. Some 40 something White guy (let?s call him Old white guy) screamed at this little Asian lady, she was carrying her hand bag on her right and Old white guy was on her left, He said "If your bag was not so big then it would not have to touch me." The lady was so red in the face and was on the verge of crying; in fact her bag was actually on the opposite side and not touching him at all, and he said it so loud that everyone on the train heard it.

Don't worry readers for that was just the opening paragraph. It only gets better from there. Who says the Metro isn't rider friendly?

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