The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, July 26, 2004
T-Minus 1 Month and 5 Days Till I'm Homeless Edition

I love Mondays as much as I love the movie S.W.A.T. After watching it on HBO last night, it didn't take much to realize how bad of a film it actually was. Dave Chappelle was right about Sam Jackson's acting though, I don't think there was a time throughout the entire movie where he wasn't shouting out his lines. Anyways, back to the Wrapup. My former roommate Josh, who I'm also currently subletting from, came back into town for the weekend to pick up the rest of his stuff he left at the apartment before heading over to Colorado for graduate school. Friday was mostly a chill night as we met up with some of his friends for a few drinks at Lupo's after dinner.

Saturday night I met up with a bunch of people at Chrissy and Futter's new apartment in Bethesda. It happens to also be the same complex I've been calling everyday to see if they have anymore vacancies since it's one of the only affordable high-rises out of the whole downtown area. After some pregaming, we cabbed over to The Barking Dog a little before midnight. "Big Money Gellman", as Travis later dubbed me, apparently paid for the entire taxi. I tend to get a bit generous after a few drinks, but it definitely came as a surprise to many when I offered to pay for the ride. The generosity continued to flow later that evening after I bought a round of Jaeger Bombs for the group. This wasn't the Gellman they knew. Despite the identity confusion, it was an awesome time and everyone had a blast. I was kind of dumbfounded Sunday morning when I found a bite mark on my right arm and had the hand stamp smeared all over on my left.

Just like the Muse song, time is running out, on finding an apartment that is. I checked out a three bedroom in Bethesda Sunday afternoon with some buddies from college. We're all trying to move into a better location since we currently reside in the "Poo-Poo" as one of those HFS Junkies succinctly put it. It was a sweet location, but we all agreed that the one bathroom factor kind of sucked. We also wouldn't have been able to move in until September 8th, leaving two of us homeless for a solid week since our leases end at the end of August. To make matters worse, Josh sold the bed he left at the apartment that was in my bedroom Sunday evening since there was no way he could take it with him to Colorado without paying hundreds for shipping charges. So instead of this king size Tempur-Pedic bed that used to reside in my room, I'm now reduced to an inflatable mattress that I can barely fit into. Ghetto.

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