The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, August 27, 2004
I Have a Nice View of the Beltway Onramp from My Balcony

Well the truck has been reserved, the storage unit has been arranged, and it looks like we're all good to go for an incredibly horrid time of moving out of one of the worst apartment buildings I've ever lived in this weekend. Not to knock the place entirely, the apartment itself is spacious and quite affordable, plus it's very close to the Beltway, but unfortunately it's all downhill from there. Take for instance, yesterday morning. I took the elevator down to the basement level to get to the parking lot outside when I was scared half to death by this lady wearing slippers, a bathrobe, and curlers in her hair asking me in a yelling tone if I was a student. Simply confused on whether or not she was talking to me, I continued to head towards the exit. She queried again, this time saying she was the property manager. I personally though it was hard to believe that claim since she appeared to be some crazy intoxicated lady rather than being responsible for over 18 floors of tenants. But then again, I guess it all made sense given that the place sucks complete ass. I mean, do students wear multiple ID badges, sport business casual clothing, and have Blackberry's attached to their belts? Anyways, I simply replied "no" and started walking faster towards the back access door that has never completely closed since I moved into the place way back in February. It's no wonder the roommate always takes the stairs.

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