The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, August 23, 2004
I Have to Work 5 Days This Week Edition

Friday night I checked out Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle per DC SOB's recommendation among others and it was undoubtedly hysterical. The scenes with NPH definitely stole the show, but overall it was pretty damn funny. I've still never been to White Castle, but I know there's one about a mile away down Queens Boulevard from my grandparent's apartment that I'm going to have to visit one of these days. Even my mom says it's amazing, specifically pointing out how delicious those small onions taste. Saturday I started packing up my apartment, folding clothes, taking down shit off the walls, and other assorted moving-related goodness. A few friends from work just got a townhouse in Bethesda, roughly about a couple blocks away from where I'll be moving to come October (and that can't come soon enough). We all did a little pregaming at their new digs before hitting up The Barking Dog later that night. We were there for a solid 45 minutes since we apparently ended up leaving the house around 12:45am. I spent most of the day Sunday calling several self storage places to see if they had any units available to store all my second-hand furniture between now and October. I found one place outside of Rockville that offers a free truck for move in, and judging by this wholesome picture and quote from the Brody family, how could I go wrong? I'd wait till I was actually moved into my home than being sentimental in a storage facility though.

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