The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, August 30, 2004
Moving Out, Moving In Edition

This felt like one of the longest weekends I've ever experienced in quite some time. For some reason, it doesn't even feel like Monday today. I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it is sort of mind-blowing that Labor Day is around the corner. What the hell ever happened to June, did that month even exist this year? Anyways, I should have forewarned you regarding that blogging schpiel... now, on to the Wrapup.

A week from today I was informed that I had to come into work this past Saturday for a few hours. In my opinion, there's nothing better than having to find out you have to come into work on the weekend during a Monday morning. I guess I would prefer that than the Lumberg-esque tell-me-right-before-I leave-on-Friday-afternoon scenario. "Brett (while arching back), yeah... we're going to need you to come on Saturday (arching back, again).... yeah." So after work Friday night I took a nice nap before heading out to Adams Morgan for the evening. We bar hopped to Roxanne's, Tryst, and finally Saki before grabbing a much delicious jumbo slice while walking back to the Metro. Speaking of which, there was a dude on the Red Line during our ride to Friendship Heights that was smoking a cigarette. Oh yeah, and he was in drag too. Halfway through, he just took out his lighter and began puffing, not giving a fuck whatsoever. Of course, a woman eating a candy bar outside the Metro suffered a much worse fate from the transit police rather than this guy, who (at least when we reached our stop) got off scot-free. Interesting observation to say the least (well, in DC anyways). I was more accustomed to this sort of spectacle in NYC, but replace spectacle with norm. Not surprisingly, I made the smart decision of passing out around 3:30 that night only to get up a few hours later at 8 so I could make it to work on-time that morning.

I surprisingly made a punctual entrance at 10 on the dot, putting in about four hours of work. I have to admit, the lack of sleep was a genius move on part since I had to pack and move a ton of my belongings out of my apartment and over towards Rockville. I was greeting by my new residence with a nice four flights of stairs before ultimately reaching the door to the apartment. Talk about movin' on up, the apartment is less than 2 years old and it's incredibly spacious. The appliances are brand new, there's a washer/dryer in the unit, and best of all, it's not ghetto! To top it off, it's right next door to this brand new shopping center that will become the death of me. Not only is there a huge-ass Chipotle a few steps away from my place, but also a Safeway, Jerry's, Phillip's Seafood, Haagen Daz, Pannera Bread, Starbucks, and, you ready, a Krispy Kreme with Drive-Thru. Yeah, it's completely insane.

Sunday was Day 2 of the moving weekend. This time, however, was the worst part of this overall horrid experience. The only substantial highlight was the fact I got to drive the moving truck. Then again, I almost killed me and my friend driving the thing when we were trying to merge onto New Hampshire Avenue from the Beltway. Besides that life-threatening experience, it wasn't that difficult to maneuver. I found it rather pointless it came with a rear-view mirror since you have a wall right behind you. The only damage that occurred was a scratch on my nightstand due to the inadvertently placed hand truck that scraped alongside it during the ride. Of course, it had to leave a mark on front of the drawer instead of the side or back of it, go figure. And a note to self: moving a 3 piece sectional couch is really, really difficult. You completely have no idea how much of a bitch it was to move this monstrous piece of furniture. Between lugging it out of the apartment, loading and unloading it from the truck, and putting it into storage, it was probably one of the most difficult jobs involving physical labor that I've ever encountered. It would easily take over a page to document how we somehow pulled off relocating that sofa between the 2 elevators, ramps, doors, and other fun obstacles we ran into. What made it a lot more enjoyable was the fact we still had a lot more large objects to haul as well. The storage facility closed at 5 and we were only halfway done by 4:30. We persuaded the manager to give us some extra time since it was nearly impossible to pull of the rest of the truckload in 30 minutes. After all was said and done, we somehow managed to get all but one effin box locked in the unit. That carton is being temporarily housed in the back of my car until I find enough time to make it back over there again.

Tonight after work, I get to go back to my old place for some hardcore cleaning with the roommate. Words cannot describe how much I'm looking forward to when we get to the kitchen. If I make it home after midnight, you know it's bad.

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