The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, August 02, 2004
Sleeping on the Floor Edition

Well I honestly have to admit it was a pretty bleh weekend for the most part. This could easily go down in TUL history as the weakest Wrapup, ever. If I forgot to mention to you already, my ingenuitive MacGyver-like skills crafted a bed in my bedroom, since there's no point in having a new bed delivered if I'm moving out in less than a month, by folding a down comforter in half, putting some bed sheets on top of it, and ineffectively attempting to fall asleep. The ladies will sweat it for sure. The result was mixed as it took me a few days to adjust to my new sleeping domain, which resulted in increased overtiredness throughout the duration of the week. By Friday, I was so exhausted that I wound up watching Phone Booth for the 5th time on HBO and passed out. Saturday was mostly spent taking down assorted stuff off the walls and completing Phase One of cleaning my bathroom (Yeah, I broke it down into phases... only four more to go!). I went out to Cornerstone that night for a few drinks since I needed to get out for at least a little bit. Sunday was more of the same, sleeping in and relaxing for the most part. You need weekends like that I guess, just to sit back and enjoy the nothingness around you. Besides, I'll be saving my energy for the four-day NYC weekend that's coming up oh so very soon. Again, apologies for the lame your weekend was better anyways!

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