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The Upstate Life

Friday, August 20, 2004
Why Do You Wear That Stupid Princess Suit?

"Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut" finally debuts in DC today in all but one sole theater in the metro area. Besides its extensive run as a midnight movie, Visions will be now screening the newly extended version with matinee and evenings showings. The Washington Post not only gave the re-released film an excellent review, but conducted an online interview with the surprisingly funny as hell director Richard Kelly. Check out these witty-but-comes-off-like-an-asshole excerpts:

In your opinion, how has Darko's cult status affected the way viewers experience your film and the way you approach writing and directing?

Richard Kelly: It has actually given me more confidence to try to make more unconventional films. It has been very difficult for me to continue pushing forward with projects like "Darko" when everyone in Hollywood sees it as a financial failure. The more people see this film, the more that perception is challenged. But I end up having to direct "Princess Diaries 3."

You keep mentioning "Princess Diaries 3". Is that an actual possibility, or is that title just your personal shorthand for being forced by economics to compromise?

Richard Kelly: I'm a sarcastic person. Please know that I often use sarcasm in online chats. I am in no way involved with the development of "Princess Diaries 3." I wish the project well in its journey toward cinematic glory.

If there were a tangent universe and Richard Kelly actually chose to direct Princess Diaries 3, I could easily imagine Anne Hathaway's character start to become a delusional mess, questioning the perceptions of reality while Julie Andrews progresses into an alcoholic mother when witnessing her daughter's diminishing mental health. TUL says it's box office gold.

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