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The Upstate Life

Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Freddy Loves the Freshmen

The Diamondback reported today that DC United soccer sensation Freddy Adu was spotted at various parties throughout College Park a few weeks ago. Despite the fact Mr. Adu is only a mere 15 years of age, he was seen carousing around several shindigs in the area, getting shitfaced and hitting on college-age women that would've made Pootie Tang proud.

"He was good, but he knew it and made sure everybody else knew it, too," she said. "He was trying to get with every girl," Morales said.

In fact, besides hitting up house parties at Dickenson and College Avenue, Freddy Adu also made an inebriated appearance at TUL's former residence, University Courtyard.

"I'm 100 percent sure he was drinking," Fitzpatrick said. "He was holding onto someone while he was walking in the street."

Freshman marketing major Richard Crabbe agreed with Fitzpatrick and said he saw Adu taking part in the party's festivities, including drinking from the keg.

"He was drinking beer just like everyone else was," said Crabbe. "They had a keg and he had a red cup. He was pretty buzzed ... He was having fun like anyone would at a college party."

Judging from that picture, something tells me he shouldn't have done that last ice luge. Dude doesn't even know where he is!

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