The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, September 10, 2004
Ohhh, Rubber Band Snap!

I don't have much to offer you today in terms of some great content, that is until you read this unusually unorthodox, right to the point Pitchfork review of southern rapper T.I.'s new single, "Let's Get Away". I think Mr. Breihan has positioned himself as possibly one of my favorite critics after reading this brief piece of hatin'. Here's a sampling of what pissed the reviewer off besides the fact he had to critique for the We Are the World section rather than the new Dizzee Rascal record:

T.I. is an idiot. Most rappers spend their entire lives hoping for that one incredibly hot song that will get them into the public eye. T.I. got his; "Rubber Band Man", released as a single back in spring, is one of the best and most-loved hip-hop singles of the year. But then he fucked around and got himself locked up for some dumb shit. As luck would have it, though, he was given another chance-- you might say he was released suspiciously easily for a guy whose sentence was set to exceed a year. Now he's started beef with Lil Flip and Ludacris (neither of whom he's even approximately in the same league with), and released the weakest track from his latest album as his follow-up single. Fuck T.I.

Damn dude, that's harsh. I haven't heard the track yet, but judging from Pitchfork's review, it makes it out to sound like a Hillary Duff record would score an 8.6 compared to this supposed shit. Hell, even Ben Folds' cover of The Darkness' "Get Your Hands Off My Woman" got a higher rating, albeit just a half star more, and they didn't even properly review it!

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