The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, September 27, 2004
A Return to Eating Edition

Friday night I prepared for the 24 hours of fasting that was about to begin by doing some heavy-duty carb loading. I cooked about half a pound of penne along with these Boca Burger-like meatballs I found in the freezer that my old roommate had left. They weren't too bad except for the fact they became half of the already small size they originally were along with a nice taste of freezer burn to match. Of course, being that it was Friday night, there was nothing but shit to watch on TV. If it was 10 years ago I would've at least looked forward to the classic TGIF lineup rather than the Road Rules/Pimp My Ride marathon/basic MTV programming that was on. Fortunately, Office Space was on Bravo which saved my evening from channel surfing between The Surreal Life and Jordan Knight's idiocy.

If any of you out there are privileged enough to know me, then you are all well aware that the combination of me and not eating just isn't the most ideal situation. I was successful at taking a nap in the afternoon on Saturday instead of counting down the hours till sunset so I could wreak havoc on my digestive system once more. I was invited to a break-fast at my relative's place but it was all the way out in Columbia, certainly a hike from where I'm currently staying. I also had to be in Potomac around 8:30-9ish for my friend's bday so it wasn't worth the 100 miles plus roundtrip drive despite missing out on the delicious bagels and lox. I decided I would break the fast myself the best way I could. You guessed it. I got myself a steak fajita burrito and chips and guacamole. Oh yeah, I went all out baby. It was perhaps the best burrito I ate in my entire life.

Saturday night I went over to my friend's house in Potomac for TG's bday. We all had a few beers over there before heading out to downtown Bethesda for the night. We went to Barking Dog first and then stopped by Tommy Joe's around 1. There was speculation that TG didn't even recall going to Tommy Joe's since he was already well beyond good shape before then. In addition, it was probably the first night in a long time that I didn't stop by Tastee Diner after a night of bar hopping in Bethesda, which may have been a good thing for me (and my stomach) in the long run.

I spent most of the day Sunday running some much-needed errands. Did some laundry, went to the dry cleaners, shopped at the grocery store, and all those other fun things us young professionals get to do rather than sleep all day. That's one thing I def miss about college. Sunday night I watched Starsky & Hutch on was pretty funny, but nothing really memorable that made me want to go out and buy it. Anchorman, on the other hand, is one I'll be in line for.

Oh, so I completely forgot to mention that the Death Cab for Cutie and Pretty Girls Make Graves show is already sold out! What the hell? I didn't find out this shocking news till late Friday night, which was maybe 2 or 3 days after they went on sale. I'm more of a PGMG fan than of Death Cab but it still sucks ass that it sold out so soon. Completely unexpected. What's worse is the fact someone on eBay is auctioning off 2 Killers tickets this Sunday for $150! While I don't have these tix and would like to go, I can't seem to find any justification for paying that much, especially since they were originally on sale for $12. I haven't succumbed to posting my ticket needs on Craigslist, at least not yet.

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