The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Chicks Only Dig Guys With Cool Skills, Like Blogging Skills Edition

We're going to extend it up a bit today to make up for not even entering the minisculest of posts yesterday due to an insane workday. I barely had enough time on Monday to skim through the Washington Post let alone throw in some sort of blog entry no matter how meaningless it could've been. But you can all relax now; I give you permission to throw away that rag drenched of perspiration because you thought I died or something and comfort yourselves for a much delayed but bound to happen version of the Weekend Wrapup.

Thursday night after work, a few of the interns and I went to DC for happy hour at Tequila Grill. They had half price appetizers and $2 Coronas till like 7, but our waiter kept hooking us up until 9 which was def awesome. Not only did I get this hugeass quesadilla, but also a handful of cervezas as well. My check came out to about 11 bucks, so I tipped the dude big time for the mucho grande hookup. When we were leaving, our group came to a consensus to go out some more, so we Metro'ed over to Bethesda and proceeded to hit up Tommy Joe's the rest of the evening. You'd actually be surprised how many people were out at the bar despite the fact it was a Thursday night and we weren't quite really in a college town. I finally made it to bed around 1:30 in the morning, and for being up 20 hours that entire day, it was well worth it.

I had the day off Friday which was rad since I had a shitload of errands to do. I had a doctor's appointment in Silver Spring in the morning and came up with the brilliant plan to drive to the 9:30 Club afterwards to buy some tickets for Muse. It was actually quite practical as it's one of the easiest ways to get there if you're driving, especially coming from downtown Silver Spring. All you do is take Georgia Avenue, drive all the way down past Howard, take a right on V Street, and bam, you're there. Not only did I save over $10 avoiding lame ass service and delivery charges, but I somehow managed to find a parking spot right in front of the club. Booyah.

Friday night I headed over to C&F's apartment in Bethesda before going out to the bars. We all went to Barking Dog for the night which was probably the most fun I've had there yet. I managed to run into a multitude of people I knew there, whether it was this girl I played poker with or some random Maryland heads that I hadn't seen in awhile. Again, shockingly, no Tastee Diner was consumed.

Saturday I spent the day recovering and getting ready for another move. As of this writing, only 12 more days are holding me back till what will ultimately be the final relocation (which will be for at least for a year I assume). That night I finally got to see Napoleon Dynamite. If you haven't seen it yet and enjoy comedies, get off your ass and pay for an overpriced nonetheless rewarding ticket purchase. This film's apparently got some legs since it came out way back in the early summer and is still playing in first run theaters. Gosh!

Since I already missed an opportunity to buy tickets for the Killers/Ambulance Ltd show, I kept checking Craigslist for last minute ticket exchanges frequently throughout the day Sunday. I finally gave up around 6, only to have someone post a classified for two tickets roughly an hour later. This couple apparently couldn't attend at the last minute and were selling a pair of tix for face value. Of course, I came across the ad around 9, so I'm freaking out to an extent, trying to see if she still has them. When I got a hold of her she informed they are still in her possession?the freaking out intensifies. One problem: they're all the way out in Fairfax. My ass is currently situated in Rockville. By the time I would've picked up the tickets and made it out to DC, I most likely would've caught the 2nd half of the Killers act, and since I really wanted to see Ambulance, it basically wasn't worth the trip. Lesson learned, that lesson being of course to check Craigslist more often for tickets before the doors open at sold-out shows. Damn, I should just rename this blog Walking Contradiction.

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