The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, October 25, 2004
Let the Ashlee Simpson Backlash Begin Edition

This was more of a recovery weekend if anything. The past week was insanely busy between work, moving, and everything else in between, so this edition of the Wrapup may not be one of the better permalinks to bookmark if you get my drift. For instance, I ended up passing out on the couch around 11 Friday night due to pure exhaustion. I was watching some Sopranos On-Demand eps thanks in part to our newly installed digital cable, but that was really the highlight of the evening if anything. I actually had to call Starpower a few times because it wasn't even working at first, but it appears to be up and running for the interim.

After months of subletting a few furnished apartments, it was due time to finally buy a bed of my own Saturday morning. Sleeping on the couch the past week hasn't done wonders for my neck nor my awareness while at work. It's hard to stay up during the day when you're getting sleep on a couch, especially when you're over 6 feet tall. I drove over to Mattress Warehouse and picked myself out a queen size bed after about an hour of my trademark indecisiveness. Looks like no more uncomfortable alternatives for this guy! The thing is that they have to deliver it during the day, kind of a problem since I have that work thing I need to be at. I'm going to have to wait until Friday till I can sleep comfortably again since I'll have the day off. In the meantime, it's back to the lonesome crowded sofa for a few more days.

Since a lot of people didn't feel like going out Saturday night, I reluctantly stayed in. The only thing that made the night worthwhile was watching Ashlee Simpson fuck up on SNL. If you missed it, College Humor has gotcha covered. Pure gold. Stereogum and Seeking Irony also put in their two cents to the lip-synch, dance-jig fiasco. I wonder what the guitarists were thinking when Ashlee ran off-stage while they were still playing. I've come to two conclusions:

"Dude, stop laughing. I know that dance was funny, but do we keep playing?"


"I can't believe we're in Ashlee's backing band. So much for our credentials."

Either way, you could definitely tell the guys were trying hard to hold back from bursting out in hilarity due to Ashlee's CD being played before she even put the microphone to her face. Walking off-stage is one thing, but blaming it on the band is complete bullshit.

Yep, way to go you shitty musicians. It's all your fault you couldn't control Ashlee's vocal and let it magically appear before she started "singing."

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