The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Who Says You Can't Re-Release an Album That Came Out The Same Year?

Now that The Arcade Fire is the so-called flavor of the month, whatever happened to the Scottish gentry that overtook the states by storm with their terrific album this past summer? Well for those of you who mistakenly held out on buying Franz Ferdinand's self-titled debut LP back in the day, you, my unappreciative cheap bastard, are in luck. According to, the band will be re-releasing an expanded edition of the CD complete with a second disc of excellent B-sides from the "Take Me Out" and "Darts of Pleasure" singles.

Breakout Scottish rock act Franz Ferdinand's self-titled debut will be re-released in an expanded edition Nov. 23 via Epic. The full album will be included on one disc, while a bonus disc will sport a new recording of album cut "This Fire" with producer/engineer Rich Costey (Dave Navarro, Muse) plus four tracks previously unavailable in North America.

"Oh for You, Sophia" and "Words So Leisured" were included as U.K. B-sides on the hit single "Take Me Out," which peaked in August at No. 3 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart. "Shopping for Blood" and "Van Tango" were previously found as B-sides on the U.K. commercial single of "Darts of Pleasure."

The Upstate Life is quite partial to "Van Tango" as his favorite of the four B-sides, but "Shopping for Blood" is definitely an interesting departure for the band and thus makes for a good spin (I'm sure you already acknowledged my favoritism based on that album art pic to the right over thurrr). Still no news on when the DVD will be released that was recorded at their 9:30 gig back in June. TUL will def keep you posted, just so you can potentially see his tipsy face make a cameo on your TV screen.

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