The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, November 03, 2004
All I Got Was This Lousy Bi-Lingual Sticker

Well The Upstate Life participated in his first presidential election vote in Maryland yesterday (did the absentee thing in 2000 since I was still a New Yorker at the time), and I really didn't have any trouble waiting in the long lines that were prominent in other parts of Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

I arrived at the polling place at about 4pm, greeted with bad park jobs and even worse ventilation. At first glance, the line went out the door past the lobby, but it turned out those voters were in line for the bottom half of the alphabet. TUL, however, got in line for the G-L table and only had to wait behind two other voters. I don't think I've ever been more thankful for the first letter in my last name than yesterday. For some reason I think my voting district made up the majority of the M-R and S-Z constituents.

TUL then made his way to the touch-screen voting booth and let loose the index finger of decision. By the time I left the polling place, the whole voter process took maybe about 45 minutes. In comparison, driving home on the Beltway seemed like it took forever.

The day seems like it's going twice as long as it should for some reason, maybe because I went out for a bit to watch the election and stayed up way past the bedtime. Combine that with today's devastating outcome and you have quite the downer of a workday. Looks like I'll be at the gym a little longer tonight.

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