The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Better Late Than Never, Right? Edition

Because I didn't receive any flack from the fact I didn't post the Wrapup on time this week, I was going to apologize, but F that, right? After coming home from work Friday night I somehow managed to squeeze in a nap. I've been trying to do that since starting the full-time gig over nine months ago, but it never game to fruition, until that night of course. The bottom line was that I always put off taking naps, even in college. How's that for an epitome of exaggerating skills? After waking up around 8:30, I headed over to my friend's apartment for awhile. We were going to go to a bar in Bethesda a little bit later, but a little bit later soon became 1am. After realizing we spent the past few hours talking over some remnants of vodka and diet soda, we all walked to Sapphire for a good 45 minutes until last call. My bank account was in good shape though as I only managed to buy one drink the entire night. The past two weekends did far more than enough damage pending the statement I'll eventually receive next week.

I actually had to go into work during the day on Saturday. I guess I'm not one to really complain though since I racked up some much-needed overtime. When I got home, I ripped open my cable bill and was stunned to see that my amount due like $160. I asked myself, "Why is this bill $100 more than it's supposed to be? Are they charging me for two months or something?" After some intense investigating, the company apparently charged me for my so-called "Free Installation" when I signed up with them. According to the statement, I was billed for three additional outlets costing $35 each, a total of $105, on top of my monthly service charge of course. Um yeah, way to go, assholes. First of all, the installer didn't do shit except hook up my cable box, modem, and run some lines from the preinstalled jacks to the TV. The dude never mounted any additional outlets into the walls, maybe because of the fact they existed before I even moved in. My apartment was already pre-wired, ya dummy. If you define reattaching an outlet mount to the wall at a 45 degree angle and leaving drywall all over the place, then sure, I guess that could count as an "additional outlet installation." TUL refuses to pay for this and will win this war my friends. Taking it to the streets!

To the delight of me and my finances, I decided to stay in on Saturday night. I had more than my share of fun in NYC the previous weekend and just wanted to lay low for the evening. I caught SNL and have got to say, U2's performances were simply outstanding. I'm sure this was just the beginning of their media barrage promoting their new album, but they sounded great and was kind of pissed off NBC cut them off before they were going to perform a fourth song after the credits finished rolling.

I got to sleep in until 1pm Sunday which was frickin fantastic. After killing half the day, I managed to schlep my ass over to Blinds To Go so that we could finally put up some patio blinds for our apartment. It's been well over a month since we moved in that the patio door has been exposed for the entire world to see TUL chomping down on some Doritos on the couch, so we felt it was about time to do something about it. Again, sorry for the belated entry. I bet you'll all be able to sleep a little better tonight knowing that I finally posted though.

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