The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, November 30, 2004
But When Will Arcade Fire Come to My Town?

Over at Unrequited Narcissism, a blog that actually posts multiple entries in a given day compared to the typically once-a-day dosage delivered over here (but still fills the void, right?), did some investigative work as to when the latest, great-tasting flavor of the month, that being The Arcade Fire, were making their appearance known here in DC. We haven't seen the likes of the up and coming band since they opened for fellow Canadian group The Unicorns back in the summer at Black Cat. UN went even a step further by emailing the band via their website, questioning whether they will be making a stop in our nation's capitol. Because The Arcade Fire salutes you and all of its fans, the band actually responded to the query with a very personalized response! Check it out:

we are playing DC in late january.

Well there you have it. TUL's guess is that they'll be hitting up The Black Cat rather than 9:30 Club since neither I nor anyone else for that matter can honestly see them being an HFS-Sponsored act. The assumption is that they'll be performing somewhere between January 28-30 since these dates are open amid their gigs in Asheville and Philly. After The Pixies, things are looking a little bleak for The Upstate Life's concert lineup, and by bleak I mean not a frickin thing scheduled. Oh well, still beats Albany.

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