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The Upstate Life

Thursday, November 18, 2004
DCeiver vs. Big Yawn - Shortlisting Your Face!

Over the past few days, it seems several Big Yawn backers and the vernacular blogger extraordinaire The DCeiver have been throwing some intense textual fisticuffs as of late. It has definitely provided some entertainment during The Upstate Life's workday, and he is nonetheless impressed with what words have been thrown around thus far. Please take a gander at some of the sentence-based left hooks that went down in this ongoing feud. First up, The DCeiver:

If you've been following the boards over at the 9:30 club, you know that the Army of Big Yawn, in general a flotilla of writers dedicated to the passionate pursuit of the generic, have had their opportunity to vent their spleen in support of their God-given right to be indignant about criticism. They've obliquely offered the sentiment: "Don't think for a moment that you know better than us." They've described their "lack of ego" as the key to their critical success, which I suppose would be a good argument were it not for the Complete Works of Every Rock Critic Who Ever Lived standing in as evidence to the opposite. One BYer has even told a little birdy that he'd like to opportunity to sit with me and explain how wrong, wrong, wrong I am. Please make sure I am drunk for that little powwow!

All of this is soooooooooo much dancing about architecture. I think as far as rock critics go, Big Yawn are excellent web designers. But, can one offer, say, a Basis for Comparison? Why yes. A wee one, but a Basis for Comparison, nonetheless.

Ohhh snap, it's on now! But don't count out Big Yawn just yet my apathetic friend. They came back with a flurry of punches a la Rocky beating the shit out of Tommy Gunn.

Let's at least get the facts right, the complete quotes you were so happy to take out of context to put yourself more in the right were:

"We are less than one year old... and are still growing and learning. When one of you takes the time and money out of your life to run a site like this, let's talk. Until then, by all means criticize or praise us, I don't give a fuck. But don't for a second think you know any better than us."


"Don't we have enough crankiness in this town? Really. Also, creatively sarcastic or commentary is cool, but I don't need someone's ego to sound "hip" to overshadow a review."

Looks like we got ourselves an all-out war for pop intellect supremacy. Who will come out the victor in this bloodbath of blogger hating? TUL will choose to remain impartial in this battle, though I am surprised no one has started a DCeiver Vs. Big Yawn blog yet. Gotta strike while the iron is hot ya know? Whatever happened to Krucoff vs Steele anyway?

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