The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, November 01, 2004
Halloween Edition

You'll be delighted to know you won't be wasting your precious web surfing time for this weekend's edition of the Wrapup. My bed finally arrived bright and early Friday morning, 8:30am to be exact. So much for sleeping in on my day off. The dudes that delivered it setup this thing in an insanely short amount of time, pretty much like it was the 345th bed they've assembled in the last month or so. I shit you not, it took maybe about 5 minutes for the frame, box spring, and mattress to all be constructed and situated in my bedroom. I tried going back to sleep on the brand new mattress after they left but to no avail, so I devoured some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, took a shower, and headed out the door for my doctor appointment. Later that evening, a few of my friends and I went to Tommy Joe's for the night which was a good time. As to be expected, I ran into several Maryland people throughout the night, one of which was my former roommate back in the college day. It was a laid-back affair since I was saving my energy for tomorrow night. If I didn't mention it already, I fucking love living in Bethesda. Being able to just walk anywhere, whether it's the movie theaters, the bars, or the ridiculous variety of restaurants is just amazing.

Saturday morning I was awakened by this steady drumming sound that proceeded to get louder and louder after each beat. It got to the point where it was right outside my window. Turns out there was some Hindu festival parade marching on the street below me. It wouldn't have been so bad had they not been parading at 9am! I'm sorry, but that's way too early for something to be that loud and on my street. After trying unsuccessfully once again to get back to sleep, my friends of the family who live in Columbia gave me a call. They had won four free tickets to the Maryland-FSU game through an office pool but they couldn't go and asked if I wanted them. Now, please bear with me. Had this been any other Saturday, the week before, the week after, hell any other frickin given Saturday I would've gone, but of course it had to be faux-Halloween Saturday and had plans that evening. The game started at 3:30, but I still had to head over to Value Village to get my costume and do a ton of errands. Everyone I talked to was wishy washy about if they wanted to go to the game or not, so after calling several people who opted out, I gave up and told them I couldn't make it. Now, judging how we had been playing lately, especially with that heart-shredding loss to Clemson, I personally thought we were going to get blown out by the then #5 ranked Seminoles. Add that between parking, getting in and out of College Park, and you have yourselves a lot of time consumed. I had to be back in Bethesda in the early evening to meet up with everyone for the Halloween festivities. At least that's my lame attempt at an excuse. I would've never thought we would've defeated FSU that day, but damnit, we did it. It was such an excellent game, the coach in tears and the players carried to the locker room after everyone rushed the field, yet there I was in my apartment, watching it unfold with my eyes glued on the TV when I easily could've been there. Probably the worst part of it all was the fact that the tickets were the better Terrapin Club seats, you know, the ones where you essentially have to donate like over $10,000 but sit adjacent to the student section. Definitely dropped the fucking ball on that one.

Saturday night arrived and it was time for some Halloween craziness. We had a predrink at C and F's place before taxiing down to Georgetown for JT friend's Halloween party. They were having people over at their rowhouse which was conveniently located right off of M Street. I saw some pretty good costumes during the night, but I think the definite winner hands down was this one dude dressed up as Franzia boxed wine. Effin hysterical. After a few hours at the party, we walked around M Street and went to some of the bars before finally calling it a night. All I can say is that it was easily one of the best Halloweens ever. That could possibly explain why I woke up at 3pm the next day.

Relief from Chipotle was calling, so I headed over to the Bethesda store and ordered myself what was to be a poorly wrapped Steak Fajita. I almost walked out the door before realizing the cashier never gave me my receipt! You see, that valuable piece of paper will entitle me to my free burrito on Election Day tomorrow, so there was no excuse to leave without that proof of payment in my hand. I was able to get a hold of the new Mates of State EP All Day and I really enjoy it so far. It's a little bit of a different direction for the band especially since the songs are more multi-layered than past releases. Well that's it for this edition for the Wrapup, oh, and if anyone knows how to fix a digital camera after falling into a cup of beer please contact TUL with your helpful advice. It's not mine (thankfully), but some priceless pics from Halloween were on there and it'd be a damn shame if they were lost for good.

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