The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, November 08, 2004
Spent Way Too Much Money This Weekend Edition

I proceeded to make my first steak dinner at my new apartment and it pretty much had its pros and cons. Pro was that I got 2 porterhouses for like $10 or something ridiculously cheap at Giant. Cons were that the oven was brand new and had this weird ass paint smell whenever I turned the broiler on. My apartment also began to billow with smoke from the range even though nothing was burnt while I was cooking, though it may have been from the au jus sizzling on the broiler pan. Basically took the good with the bad, enjoying a delicious slab of beef in an apartment full of smoke and what I think were paint fumes. Had to crack a window (haha ? if anyone gets that, you rule) to fix that since the range fan proved to be nothing but useless during this interesting kitchen experience.

After cleansing myself of Montreal steak seasoning, I went out with RG to DuPont for a bar crawl of sorts. First started at this place called Panache or Pannera or something then went to MCCXXIII the rest of the night. It wasn't bad but the crowds there were a little too trendy for my tastes. I also didn't find out they had $3 Coronas until the end of the night after I spent my disposable income on pricier but the bartenders-still-use-the-cheap-rail vodka tonics. The dance floor smelling like at least 3 people puked on it didn't really help matters either.

I finally had some time Saturday to unpack the rest of my boxes from the move and finally get some shit up on the walls. I actually feel like I have a real bedroom now. Now I'm just waiting for my rents to drop off that Wet Hot American Summer poster that got accidentally sent to my NY address (note ? PayPal is the best/worst idea ever) and we should be in business. After that, I sat on my couch that's still missing a cushion and watched my Terps get decimated by UVA. How was this the same team that upset Florida State just a mere week ago? It boggles TUL's mind, but then again Clemson beat Miami as well, so who knows.

Saturday night, my friend AO who also hails from the Upstate but moved down to the Eastern Shore and was in Adams Morgan for the night with one of her co-worker friends. Her friend was originally from Alabama and had one of the thickest southern drawls The Upstate Life has ever encountered. We were talking about some address and she kept saying Ayolm (?) Street. I really couldn't make out what the hell the name of the street was she kept mentioning. After four or five repeats, AO and I figured out that it was actually Elm Street, but when you combine the thick accent over all the background noise going on while we were in Tryst, it makes for an incredibly confusing scenario regarding the English vernacular. We went further down the strip to Tom Tom for an hour or so until it got insanely crowded to the point where it got 20 degrees warmer inside and where we repeatedly shoulder bumping into people that should've showered beforehand. It was enjoyable until that point. We closed out the evening at Crush where the capacity was more tolerable and climate much cooler. All and all a very fun night, although I surprisingly didn't get a jumbo slice much to my chagrin! AO's friend wanted to go back since they had an hour drive ahead of them despite my intense marketing of how delicious yet greasy this tourist attraction actually was. I instead had to settle for a Hot Pocket once I got back to my place. It simply did not suffice.

After work it's off to the 9:30 Club for the Muse show! Here's hoping they play Micro Cuts, that song is off the proverbial chain. Anyone else going tonight?

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