The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, December 20, 2004
Where Is My Jacket? Edition

After work on Friday I drove over to my friend's apartment in Van Ness who was hosting a dinner party that evening. They had a southwestern theme and every one brought over some sort of dish. One of the guests brought over this ridiculous seven layer dip that I was basically digging into throughout the entire night. Not only was I able to easily find parking on the street, but their apartment is huge for what they're paying. They just need to fix that tiny arson problem.

Saturday night we all went to Willie and Reed's, a first time for TUL despite the fact it's about three blocks from my apartment. They had a special that evening where it was open bar for $30. I'm not sure if it was a one-time deal or if they have it every so often, but all I can say is The Upstate Life certainly got its money worth that night. On the down side, however, my jacket was no where to be found once it was closing time. Either a) Someone mistook my jacket for theirs, or b) some asshole stole it. It's been really frustrating because that was my only warm, winter jacket and that I've always prided myself on never (and I mean never) losing my belongings. I've never lost my keys, wallet, cell phone, you name it. I'm so good about it and that's why it's so bothersome. I went back to the bar the next day to see if anyone came across or returned it, but alas, it was not there. So now I've been basically reduced to light jackets and hoodies until I find a suitable replacement. Of course, this morning had to be the coldest so far this season with a nice wind chill of -11. Since when did Maryland turn into Albany?

Sunday night's episode of Arrested Development was quite possibly the funniest of the season thus far. Between Job's exaggerated range of suit prices and Buster's crane skills, TUL was nearly in tears. I actually missed the first five minutes due to the insane Maryland/Florida State game that was well into overtime. The Terps amazingly came through at the end but they were essentially lucky to win that game. Having two of your starters foul out with more than four minutes left in regulation is not how you win basketball games. Don't even get me started about their under 50 shooting percentage too, eesh. Hopefully they'll pick up some consistency before we head into the heart of the challenging ACC schedule come January. With a bit of luck, I might even have a coat by then.

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