The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, December 06, 2004
Wow, I Was Actually In DC Most of the Weekend Edition

This weekend was one of the most fun-filled, non-stop ones I've had in awhile. Of course, that made it seem like it went faster than others. A few of our friends from Maryland were in town from Connecticut for the BB&T Classic that was held this past Saturday and Sunday featuring our Terps, but more on that later. Friday night, we all went out to Rock Bottom in Bethesda for the evening, drinking several pints and playing some pool upstairs. Words can't describe how convenient it is that Rock Bottom is practically two blocks from my place. We were there until close, so of course the lights went on around 1:30am. Walked back to my apartment in under 10 minutes, microwaved the customary Hot Pocket, and went to bed.

Got up the next morning and walked to the Bethesda Metro to catch the Red Line train to the Gallery Place/Chinatown stop for day one of the BB&T. The match-up of the Terps against George Mason wasn't anything special, it was a clearly a beat down from the beginning. There were times where we were up by almost 30 points, so it wasn't your typical, edge of your seat Maryland game. The game that followed, GW vs. Michigan State, was actually much better in terms of quality and balance. The Colonials played consistent the entire time, never giving MSU a chance to get by them. As much as we all wanted Michigan State to face Maryland in the Championship the next day, it evidently wasn't meant to be.

Saturday night, a few of us went to Buffalo Billiards in Dupont which was a lot of fun. I've played pool maybe nine times in my life, so CH basically carried me the entire time when we were up. The continuous rounds of drafts probably didn't produce the most beneficial results as well. We then went to Front Page for the remainder of the night before what seems to be the routine haggling of cabdrivers to drive us back home. DC taxis are the worst, especially when our driver said it would cost us $20 to drive us back to Bethesda and then unexpectedly change his stated price later. The driver decided to raise it to $25 when we were about 3 blocks away from our friend's apt because he didn't know where it was. Our entire company made it unanimous we weren't going to pay his $5 Destination Unknown fee, making the driver submit since he knew that we knew he was jerking us around. I don't want to rip off why.i.hate.dc's brilliant material, but honestly, I don't understand why the DC taxi system can't function like a normal, metered one such as in NYC. At least you're charged per each quarter mile than getting slapped an additional $194 tacked onto your fare each time you pass a Metro stop.

We all grabbed some Chipotle in Chinatown on Sunday before the Terps were to take on GW in the final. Despite the fact I had one of their fine burritos for dinner the night before, you probably already know I'm always game for another, just as long as I've had at least a 12 hour interval. The line was one of the most slow-moving I've encountered in quite some time. The College Park location would have none of this, that's for sure. Turns out, to a rip a page out of DCSOB's SOB of the Week book, some customer had apparently ordered seven or eight burritos. The assembly line of workers basically shut down for ten minutes until the dude finally paid for the 20 pound bag.

Got to MCI Center around two minutes before the end of the consolation game where MSU was in complete control against George Mason. After MSU made their 3rd place bow out of the tournament, it was time for the championship game. This match-up had somewhat more of a big-time feel to it compared to yesterday's warm-up. The only problem was the fact that we were losing! We weren't driving the ball inside enough and missing some oh-so-vital free throws. The game became increasingly frustrating, especially when we would be within four points of GW, only to have the Colonials widen the gap once more. GW came out on top and it was definitely a disappointment. I'm expecting them to be ranked anytime now after defeating two Top 25 teams in a row, outplaying both and coming up with the big plays that we simply could not produce.

After the loss, I went out to Bertucci's with my friend which swung my mood back into the positive direction. Believe it or not, it's the first time I've ate there, but after ordering one of their pizzas, it definitely won't be the last. After dinner, I got back to my apartment in time for one of the funniest Arrested Development episodes so far this season. There's so many running jokes in that show it's almost hard to keep track. This week should be a good one. With Hanukkah approaching, Wednesday's Pixies show, and my friend coming into town from NYC, it'll be some definite good times.

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