The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Back With The Wrap Edition

Wow, The Upstate Life really dropped the ball this time by forgetting to post not one, but two consecutive Weekend Wrapups! The worst part of this debacle is that no one really seemed to mind. I thought this weekly feature was one of the few reasons people actually read this thing. Oh well, to stop the influx of email that TUL thought would happen but never did, I guess I'll post this weekend's edition. Please don't rejoice all at once.

Friday night, TUL went to The Monocle on Capitol Hill to take part in DC Restaurant Week for dinner. Unfortunately, we were almost an hour late since we ended up getting a bit lost once we got off the Union Station Metro stop. TUL was able to find D Street, but of course ended up going the complete opposite direction. Once we arrived at 9, we had no problems whatsoever securing a table despite our 8 o'clock reservation. As part of the three course meal, TUL started with an appetizer of Crisp Fried Calamari with red pepper aioli. It was a tough decision especially since the Shellfish Bisque and Roasted Portobello were also among the several tantalizing choices. For the entrée, I ordered Sliced Filet Mignon with cremini mushrooms, peppercorns and red wine reduction. TUL can easily say the steak was so good and tender it basically melted in my mouth. The meal was capped off with a slice of chocolate raspberry mouse cake that was so rich it was insane. DC needs to have Restaurant Week more often like once a month or something because it was arguably the best dinner I've had since I guess perhaps Thanksgiving. The Lean Cuisines in my freezer simply aren't doing it.

Saturday I spent the day watching some great college basketball, particularly the Maryland-Temple game. Coming off probably one of the most difficult road game stretches in recent memory by losing to both UNC and Wake Forest, the Terps were able to rebound by defeating Temple with the assistance of the highly underrated Mike Jones throughout the majority of the game. With McCray out due to injury and with Gilchrist on the bench because "he's trying to find himself", it goes to show how deep this Maryland bench actually is. Countdown to first Duke meeting: 8 Days.

Saturday night we all went out to Front Page in DuPont for a few drinks before we realized there was hardly any frickin room to move around. Because it reached that point where you weren't able to turn your head without someone spilling your drink on you, we decided to head over to Buffalo Billiards where we were greeted with a little more space so someone's shoulder wasn't actually jabbing my kidney half the night.

Words can't describe how truly awesome it is that I only have work today and tomorrow. The Upstate Life feels the world would be a much better place if every week was like that. Then again, having Restaurant Week weekly def wouldn't hurt either.

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