The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Duke's Got a Broken Face, Uh Huh!

Tickets for The Secret Machines show at the 9:30 Club on Friday, March 4th go on sale tomorrow at 10am. I still need to head over to the box office sometime this week and grab me some Hot Hot Heat tix. It's somewhat amazing that the only tickets I actually bought online recently rather than in person were for Wilco, probably because it was the only way to obtain them.

The Upstate Life was highly elated last night when he found in the mail his live Pixies CD from their December 8th concert he attended at Constitution Hall last month. It was immediately ripped and transferred over to the iPod so that I would be able to relive the show at my desk today. Although the packaging was minimal, the sound quality is excellent and brings back some great memories to hear the six minute plus version of "Vamos" the band performed that evening.

Tonight is part one of this year's Duke/Maryland saga, and we here at The Upstate Life hope the Terps will be able to pull off another upset at Cameron Indoor Stadium on ESPN tonight at 9pm. Though the Crazies could really care less about the Terps and this "one sided-rivalry", since everyone knows their true arch nemesis is UNC, if you were fortunate enough to have gone to Maryland you would understand the level of revulsion we have for the Dukies and their antics. You'll be able to catch TUL tonight at Willie and Reed's in Bethesda along with what I'm sure will be a ton of College Park alumni to root for the Terps and watch the team hopefully turn things around tonight. By the way, it wouldn't surprise TUL if it was The DCeiver that was behind a certain Craigslist posting a few days ago as we all know he's quite the avid Maryland hater.

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