The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, January 04, 2005
I Scored...With Wilco Tickets That Is

The unfathomable has come true for The Upstate Life as he was able to secure himself and a few of his fortunate friends some tickets for the Wilco show at 9:30 Club for their February 23rd show. Who knew signing up for the 9:30 mailing list at The Pixies show last month would've actually paid off for TUL? The club's monthly newsletter, Volume, contained the password for this morning's presale which, by the way, literally sold out in less than three frickin minutes. Insane! Thankfully, I was somehow able to purchase a handful of tickets for the price of $30 each, sans those exorbitant convenience charges. But don't despair fellow Wilco fans! You still have a shot at scoring some tix, so don't start balling on your desk just yet. Keep in mind, even though the 9:30 presale sold out in record time, that was only for the first of the two shows the band is putting on in DC. Wilcoworld's own presale starts tomorrow at their ticketing website and is for both February 23rd and 24th. What's that? You don't know the password? TUL is getting a little tired of your bitching, but if you insist, you can obtain that precious, secret word by emailing a blank email to this address. There, now you're all prepared to take on the thousands of web visitors tomorrow morning, electronically pushing and shoving their way to the front similar to when student tickets would go on sale for Duke vs. Maryland basketball games back in the day of TUL's tenure at College Park. Only difference is that these tickets actually cost money. That and it would be kind of pointless to scream "Fuck Duke!" when you ultimately receive your ticket confirmation email.

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