The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
"I Was Saying Boo-urns"

Honestly, I think Ashlee Simpson would be able to make more money for letting people pay to boo her at her concerts rather than actually watch her perform. The planets of television were once again aligned last night as I was able to observe another Ashlee fiasco. Since the Orange Bowl was turning into a huge disappointment amidst all its contrived hype, I began flipping to other channels for something more entertaining. I switched back to the USC cakewalk and was able to bare witness to one of those most horrid live performances I've seen on television since, well, the last time Ashlee Simpson performed back on SNL. Apparently she was "singing" her latest single "La La", and of course by singing I meant yelling the words in all the wrong notes. Behind all the screaming going into her microphone, one could evidently hear Pro Player Stadium actually booing the girl during her song. It was both painful yet intriguing to watch. When she closed out her performance, the chorus of boos reached levels so high that you could barely hear any sort of applause from the spectators. It was like SNL all over again, but this time on a much grander scale but without a 60 Minutes investigation team. Check out the video clip here via Gawker. Tivo should really begin investing in Ashlee's record label.

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