The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Weekend Wednesday Wrapup

Not sure if you haven't heard already, but up and comers in the indie scene, Bloc Party, will be coming to the Black Cat on Saturday, April 9th. Pitchfork profiled the group on their site yesterday and while TUL hasn't actually heard of the band's material yet, I'll definitely have to check out their LP when it's released by Vice Records on March 22.

Special thanks to DCist for cluing us all in about The Arcade Fire's post-concert DJ gig at Saint Ex's Gate 54. Not sure TUL will be able to attend since I'll probably be blown away by their actual performance at the 9:30, that and alongside the fact that Gate 54 sounds like it holds no more than 50 people. Cramming into tight spaces with sweaty hipsters just isn't TUL's style.

Last night, The Upstate Life headed over a few blocks from his apartment over to Willie and Reed's and was joined by several of his friends to watch the Maryland/Duke game. We arrived around 7 so that we would be able to claim a good seat once the game began. Last night's match up was one of the most heart pounding, nerve-racking games I've witnessed in a while. This wasn't the same Maryland team I witnessed at the Comcast Center when we lost to NC State this past Sunday. The Terps held their own on the court the entire time, especially when it came to defense. The entire place was going insane (TUL included) when it came down to the final seconds and Maryland would end up leaving Cameron with the W. Whoever at ESPN was responsible for making the camera pan the Duke student section displaying their shocked, sad faces with about 20 seconds left on the clock should deserve some sort of award as it was such a priceless image. Too bad College Park doesn't know how to riot anymore though. There weren't even any bonfires destroying $500,000 fiber optic cables this time around, weak.

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