The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, February 28, 2005
TUL Is Playing At My House Edition

The Upstate Life's rents came down for the weekend to finally drop off the rest of my belongings that have been collecting dust in the garage of my parent's house for the past year or so now that I finally have a long-term residence in Bethesda. TUL can't tell you how relieved he is that he actually gets to use a real DVD player rather than pausing movies with a Playstation 2 controller. We all went out to dinner at Positano that evening in Bethesda for some Italian cuisine. The service and food were both excellent and ranks right up there with Volare, though the latter gets the edge in terms of dining atmosphere over the former. Then again, TUL didn't have to foot the bill, so I'm really not one to complain.

Saturday I spent the day walking around the neighborhood with the rents going past the vast variety of shops, stores, galleries, and restaurants. We had lunch at the Red Tomato Café, another first for TUL despite being two blocks away from my apartment. I ordered a brick oven pizza topped with tomato, mozzarella, eggplant, caramelized onions, and Portobello mushrooms which was insanely good. Not surprisingly, I managed to consume the entire pie in one sitting.

Saturday night was R's party and could not believe a) the amount of people that showed up, b) the amount of alcohol that was available, and c) the amount of alcohol that was consumed. Not only did they have a keg (which was obtained from College Park Liquors out of all places - turns out it is still the best deal inside the Beltway), but two trays of Jell-O shots (or should I say vodka with a hint of gelatin) and two buckets of frozen margarita mix. Of course, that didn't include the various bottles of liquor sitting around plus whatever the guests brought over. Somehow, TUL got coaxed into taking not one, but three shots of Sabra. This was, of course, after a Jell-O shot or two and several cups of Miller Lite. Kids, as disgusting as Sabra is, it's at least ten times worse when you're downing a shot of it. Take it from me, k?

The Upstate Life also had the responsibility of being the DJ for the night, and by DJ, I mean burning some CD-R's and throwing them into the CD changer as there was no frickin way I was going to let my iPod sit around so many red Solo cups throughout the night. Though most of the selections were mainstream, I did manage to throw in LCD Soundsystem's "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" and Annie's "Heartbeat" to the delight of a very select few. My inebriated rationale also thought that by turning down the bass on the stereo that the overall volume wouldn't be as loud since their next door neighbor was submitting noise complaints. Fortunately, R's roommate was able to buy off the rent-a-cop with a Mike's Hard Lemonade and we were back in business. It can be said that at one time there was roughly 60 people simultaneously in the apartment which was just crazy. TUL hasn't been that plotzed in awhile my friends.

Sunday morning, after shaking off our hangovers, we went out to Luna Grill & Diner in DuPont for some Sunday brunch. Little did we know that a party of seven would take so long to get a table for. We ended up standing outside for a good hour until our name was called. By then, it was 2 in the afternoon and it was simply too late for breakfast food, so I went with a blackened chicken sandwich instead which really hit the spot. Afterwards, I finally got to watch last Monday's episode of 24 since it conflicted with The Futureheads show last week and now I can't wait till what will go down tonight. It's literally the best show on television right now, but maybe I'm just saying that since Arrested Development hasn't been on in the last couple of weeks.

Sunday afternoon, The Upstate Life went over to Willie and Reed's to watch the Terps take on UNC, except at least this time around we had home court advantage. It proved to be another Maryland basketball thriller, but UNC was able to walk out of Comcast by beating the Terrapins by a mere two points which left the TUL and the rest of W&R completely disheartened. Things are even looking grimmer for hopes of a tourney bid as the Terps are now 7-8 in the ACC. They only have one regular season game left which is at Virginia Tech and essentially a must-win situation for the Terrapins if we're to go dancing in March. With an RPI rating of 38 and the 8th hardest schedule in the country, a win against Virginia Tech will immensely help our case for an NCAA bid come Selection Sunday. Just like a sign a Terp fan was holding at last night's game, just pretend they're Duke!

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