The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Good News for People* Who Are Sick of Bad News (*Primarily TUL)

Whoa, Pitchfork finally delivers with some useful information rather than vividly detailing which shaving cream brand Sufjan Stevens used on his latest tour. According to the 'Fork, New York City's latest dance punk craze, LCD Soundsystem, will be hitting up the 9:30 Club on Sunday, June 12th. The opener, who's honestly more of a co-headliner, is none other than Sri Lankan dance hall sensation M.I.A.! There has been no announcement when tickets will go on sale, but given the status of this huge double bill and the fact that this will be both of the artists' first time venturing into DC, it's easy to say that this will be a definite sell-out.

Not to be outdone, The Futureheads will be returning to the 9:30 Club just four short months after their last outing in DC when they take the stage on Saturday, June 4th. TUL enjoyed the last time they played here, but seeing them twice within such a brief period of time might be a tad overkill, especially since the group only has one album under their belt which practically guarantees a near-identical setlist.

Finally, tickets for The Decemberists show on Friday, May 6th at the 9:30 go on sale this morning over at No, a little birdie didn't tell me, The DCeiver didn't have to send me an email with sly innuendo I couldn't pick up on, I just went over to the site and it apparently was stated there in plain, bold English. Go figure.

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