The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Mailman, Bring Me No More iPod Blues

Ever since the untimely loss of The Upstate Life's iPod, I feel as if a part me has been missing ever since. I literally used this wonderful device every single day since I received it as a gift during one of those eight crazy nights late last year. All I have left to remind of the music it once provided is the Monster car adapter lying on the floor of my car. The assholes who broke in fortunately did not take that, probably because they didn't know what the hell it was to begin with (yet they stole the CB Radio I had in my trunk for which my dad put in there "for emergencies." Besides the fact everyone and their mom now owns a cell phone, who still uses CB Radios besides truck drivers?). Going days without the iPod has been tumultuous, but weeks is simply out of the question. This leaves me with a dilemma of sorts. Since I'll be able to recoup my losses thanks in part to the godsend known as renters insurance, should I go for the same 20GB iPod I had before, or spend an extra $50 and splurge for the 30GB iPod Photo? The color screen is very enticing but I doubt I would ever use it for its photo capabilities. Then again, having the cover art displayed while playing the new Hot Hot Heat album would be quite the nifty feature.

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