The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, March 10, 2005
Trying Not To Think About Time

Please excuse the lack of a better post today, for The Upstate Life is currently sulking at his desk after had watched the Terps drop out of the first round of the ACC Tournament to cellar dweller Clemson just moments ago. Things did not appear promising from the start as Gist injured his knee at practice and was not able to play in today's match up. It only got worse from there when Gilchrist came off the floor with an ankle injury early in the second half and was swiftly taken out for the rest of the game. It was all but a deadly blow for the Terps in order to make what was to be their twelfth NCAA Tournament appearance. Now, those hopes seem to have completely vanished after what went down at the MCI Arena this afternoon. It's nearly inconceivable that this was basically the same team that captured the ACC crown last year. In fact, the additions of Gist and Ledbetter this season certainly compromised the one sole loss of Jamar Smith, but alas, this squad simply could not get the job done. Some analysts said despite their loss to Virginia Tech, beating Clemson today would've still secured a spot, but now Not In Tournament talk will be the conversation piece the next few days for the Terps. I mean seriously, how could you not have March Madness without Maryland? It's preposterous I tells ya. I think my attendance at work on Monday will be heavily dependent on what goes down on Selection Sunday. Courage.

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