The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, March 17, 2005
TUL Breaks Down the Bracket

Because today is when it all goes down, The Upstate Life would like to share with you his bracket for this year's Big Dance. I'll post the graphical interpretation of this later in the post since we all know you sweat TUL's selection capabilities. I'd also personally like to thank ESPN for their incredible BottomLine application since I'm lacking any sort of access to a television right now (and it's killing me even as we speak).

The Final Four basically boils down, at least in my opinion, to Oklahoma State, Wake, UNC and Kentucky. Yes, I said Kentucky. Believe me; it makes more sense than having Washington as a number one seed. Speaking of number one seeds, TUL really doesn't see Duke as Final Four material this season, and that's not because I'm a Terp fan (honest!). Their lack of depth has been horribly exposed multiple times this season (notably against Maryland), but yet I somehow see them squeaking by Syracuse in what would be a potential game of the year. UNC, on the other hand, despite their ACC Tournament shortcomings (but not as bad as that opening round Terps loss to Clemson), will prove themselves worthy once they take the court against Oakland (who I still can't believe pulled off the W in the Opening Round). I'm also intrigued by the surging Wisconsin Badgers, and believe it or not, I smell an upset over Kansas that would crush all hopes of a dreamy UNC vs. Kansas match up many of us fantasized about putting down on our brackets.

But Brett, what about Illinois? I'm writing them off as the Saint Joseph's of 2005, solid team but incredibly overrated IMO. Expect them to reach the Elite Eight at best. Same goes for UConn. Don't agree with me? Fine, I'm just that blogger that primarily writes about upcoming shows and Chipotle anyways. However, I'm a little apathetic about this year's tourney since my Terps are stuck in the NIT playing colleges with names you think belong to a toothbrush company. I ended up going to Park Bench in Cleveland Park last night as they were one of the few bars that had DirecTV and broadcasting the Maryland/Oral Roberts ESPNU game, hence another no-show to Bluestate once again. I apologize guys and girls, TUL ain't hating on ya, he just preferred to watch his team play an Oklahoman Christian school reminiscent of Saved! whose students aren't allowed to smoke and drink (not to mention issuing expulsion to girls who get knocked up) rather than to relax and enjoy some great music. Now, onto the bracket:

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