The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, April 06, 2005
TCBY's Got Nothing On This

Much to the chagrin of the IJC, the New York City phenomenon known as Tasti D-Lite invaded the DC Metro area last week as it opened its first store in the state of Maryland right in downtown College Park. The Upstate Life decided to venture out there over the weekend to finally taste what so many claimed to label amazing, delicious, or at least better than starving yourself. The appeal of Tasti D-Lite is that its product, a frozen dessert concoction (but not ice cream or frozen yogurt mind you), is supposedly only a mere 40 calories per serving, 99% Fat Free, and all natural (though the ingredients of Carrageenan and Cellulose don't sound remotely as wholesome as something like, I don't know, milk or sugar). Hell, it's even Kosher (how could Chocolate Macaroon not be the Passover flavor of the month?).

Due to the store's recent opening, Tasti D-Lite only had its trademark product available in four flavors while other menu items such as shakes and smoothies couldn't be sold due to the lack of equipment that had yet to be delivered. TUL ordered a large size combination of Angel Food Cake and Strawberry Shortcake and began to go to work. It was refreshingly light, most likely due to the amount of air they inject into the product, but was able to deliver in terms of taste and quality. The flavor wasn't too rich but at least you could make out the titles of the varieties served in the blue and pink paper cup. Overall, I enjoyed it, but then again, this is coming from the same person who still hasn't ventured out to Cold Stone yet. That might have to change today given the ridiculous summer weather we're experiencing today. The gym is overrated anyways.

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