The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, April 12, 2005
TUL's Take: Bloc Party @ Black Cat

The Upstate Life and company arrived in front of the Black Cat around 10:30 and were greeted by a somewhat long line from the club's entrance. I was a bit surprised by the amount of people waiting given that the venue opened its doors an hour prior to our arrival. Upon making our ways upstairs, roadies were prepping the stage for The Ponys set. We missed opening band Pony Up!, but since I haven't heard any of their material, I wasn't too disappointed. The Ponys started their set around 11 and we were underway. They were a decent act and I'll definitely have to check out some of their records.

At around midnight, Bloc Party took the stage to a huge ovation. I couldn't believe the amount of X's marked on people's hands around us. Though not as bad as the Hot Hot Heat show, I was still surprised by the number of under 21ers in attendance for a band that hasn't treaded water in the mainstream that much. I can't remember the setlist off hand, nor what song they actually started off, though I believe it was "Like Eating Glass". Nonetheless, they were great, especially with their sound varying from what it sounds like on Silent Alarm. That's a good thing, since the last show I attended was Interpol (and no, that bitterness is not derived from the events that followed after that particular concert). Their performance was a little more loose and sloppy at times (could barely hear the vocals half the time), but was still very enjoyable (especially the drumming, dude was insane!). It was the last date of their stateside tour and you could tell that the band was very enthusiastic about performing up there Saturday night. They also had a crew filming throughout the entire night, even interviewing people leaving the show on the street as well. TUL was about five rows back from the stage, though I should've invested in some ear plugs this time around as I was directly in front of one of the PA speakers. As a result, I encountered some nice ear ringing during the cab ride back. It was a great show, not anything of stellar quality (Arcade Fire still holds that crown), but great nonetheless. Half a point taken off for the dude pogoing next to me throughout every song, and another for a bouncer checking my over 21 stamp as a result of beer in hand in the middle of the concert. For a second, it made me feel 19 all over again.

UPDATED - Setlist:

Like Eating Glass
Positive Tension
This Modern Love
The Marshalls Are Dead / Plans
Blue Light
She's Hearing Voices
Little Thoughts
So Here We Are
Price of Gas

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